Monday, 20 May 2013

Studs and Spots

Hello lovelies,

I sat down to do a complex architectural mani for a contest, and found out that I had zero energy for it. Nada. So I decided to play with texture instead.

Water spotting looks cool when it works, but it is even more finicky than water marbling. Here's why: TWO variables (polish and spray) instead of one (polish). You could find a polish that works well for spotting, but your hairspray (e.g.) doesn't work at all, or some permutation of the above. Nutso. These two polishes also spotted into a completely different way, which I thought was neat!

Nonetheless, this mani (after much trial and error) didn't turn out badly. I think it looks pretty cool. The base is 1972, which is a much pinker lavender in real life, but everything going on made my camera unhappy. :) It was glorious to apply, as all la couleur couture polishes are; I also think they have my single favourite brush of all time.

Polishes used:
Essie - Penny Talk
Nina Ultra Pro - French White
tape (to cover fingers)
1.5mm silver studs
Duri - Rejuvacote (base coat)
Seche Vite (top coat)

As I mentioned yesterday, I'll be taking the week off to try to get my hands/nails/cuticles back to a healthy state, because they are incredibly unhappy right now. I will play it by ear as I go. I'm also finding that I've run out of steam when it comes to nail art, so I think taking a short break will do me good. Absence, fonder heart, blah blah blah!

See you soon! ;)



  1. Love them! They reminded me of marbled jewels.

  2. Thank you so much! I've seen people do marbled turquoise with the water spotting technique and it looked fantastic, I'm so happy I managed to remind you of something similar! <3

  3. You're one to talk, lady!! <3

  4. Yeah yeah. I'm totally stealing this! There's an idea I've been having for awhile doing this technique but you just blew my mind with the double spotting and made it sound like a way more awesome idea now.

  5. Do it! I'm stoked to see what you come up with!