Friday, 3 May 2013


I'm sorry I've been quiet these past few days-- this one gave me trouble! I had to restart it 4 times before I was satisfied. This is my second entry to The Nail Artist's contest: violets!

For this look, I started with a base of Still Waters. Ignore the bubbles!! They are my fault; I was in a rush so I painted my nails too soon after giving the bottle a very vigorous shake. This remains one of my favourite polishes. It's golden-glowy aqua green perfection.

I then painted the violets with acrylic paints. I wish I could remember the colours to tell you. I had two palettes and a ton of brushes in action... I'm sorry!

This one is less colour-accurate; too blue. But adjusting it gave me lobster hands. Loooobster haaaaands.

Polishes used:
Liquid Sky Lacquers - Still Waters
Duri - Rejuvacote (base coat)
Sally Hansen - Insta-Dri (top coat)
acrylic paints
detail brushes

Swatch Saturday tomorrow! I have no idea yet which polish I'm going to do, but I'm looking forward to it. Then I have something special planned for Sunday for a very special IG lady! (She'll know who she is when it happens.)

If you're in the Edmonton area like me (HEY SUNSHINE HEY), are you going to the Royal Bison craft fair this weekend? I'm broke but thinking of going anyway...



  1. wow!!! these are beautiful! so perfectly done they look like printed designs! well done!!

  2. Thank you sweetheart! I'm looking forward to one day recreating your roses, which themselves were so awesome they looked printed. :O