Monday, 2 September 2013

I'm alive! But barely!

Nothing to Disclose

 Hello lovelies!

I'm still in Montreal. I was supposed to leave yesterday, but then I got The Summer Cold To End All Summer Colds and proceeded to spend three days in bed horking mucus via various facial orifices. A good time was had by all... the little virus buddies... taking over my body.

So I postponed my flight. I miss nail art. I return on Wednesday evening and will likely spend the next week ensconced at home, doing a nail art look every day or two. I gotta catch up!!

In the meantime, here (from my Instagram feed) are some things I've been up to lately:

I wore three coats of Ciaté's Ferris Wheel (augh, THREE COATS) with two coats of Lac Attack's Death Day Party over top! I love me some flakies. These charcoal flakies shifted purple and gold, very lovely.

I did a framed dotticure with... a bunch of things. Some random greyish polish that my mom had (Rimmel, I think), piCture pOlish's Sunset, Ruby Wing's Eternal, and white.

And I did my friend Laurent's nails! He's such a good sport. I will definitely revisit mermaid (/merman) nails in future. I could spend hours and hours on this look, but I feel like maybe his arms would have fallen off at that point. I'm told that cashiers gave him lots of compliments on these. I used the same base of Ferris Wheel and Death Day Party as above, then used a random Bourjois navy polish and acetone for the scales, some of which I dotted full of my custom Tryst Lacquer, Aqueous, and some of which I dotted full of a NOPI shimmery white whose name I've forgotten (but it's a lot like OPI's Happy Anniversary).

I will return to you lovelies later this week! I've got quite the queue of ABC Challenge prompts to catch up on, plus a couple other assorted ideas. :) Do stick around!




  1. awww sorry you got so sick! thats a drag! i feel like everytime i get ahead with my nails i have a setback like that and spend a week not doing any at all! get better soon!

  2. I am sad I have been so busy with work and running I didn't even know you were stuck here sick. I would have brought you soup. (Or, you know, just well wishings.)

    And yes, next time we budget for photoshoot time.

    Oh, besides cashiers, co-workers marveled that they were hand-painted, and I believe I have completely cemented my reputation as "the odd one" at the running club. :)

  3. I'm just lucky I had my mom to stuff me full of food. :) Thank you, sweetie!

  4. Photoshoot time! We could totally do editorial-style photos, all overly dramatic and stuff!

    I'm glad so many people liked them. :3