Sunday, 15 September 2013

Franken + Food!

Nothing to Disclose

... but not frankenfood, don't worry!

Hello lovelies! I have kind of a special post today. (Well, special to me.) The reason is that the polish I'm showing you today is my very first franken. For those who haven't encountered the term yet, a franken is nail polish lingo for a polish that is mixed up using other polishes, pigments, loose glitter, and whatever else you feel like throwin' in there. I made this one using 6 different polishes and 4 types of loose glitter! In honour of autumn and by popular request over on Instagram, I've named it Bride of Franken-Stein. (Punny.)

Shown are two thick coats of polish plus two thin coats of top coat to smooth out the glitter. There are flakes, and glass fleck, and all sorts of stuff in the base green jelly, so feel free to click the following picture to get a zoomed-up look (can you tell I'm a proud mama?):

On top of the franken, I've put some apples, because this weekend's ABC Challenge prompt is Food! We're well into September now, much as I hate to admit it-- not because I hate autumn, not at all, but because the winters here in Edmonton are brutal-- and apples seemed a season-appropriate foodstuff.

The apples are entirely acrylic paint.

I'm not the happiest with how they turned out, but they aren't bad, either. It's been over a month since I did really detailed acrylic painting like this on my nails, so I'm a little rusty, and it was good to get back into it!

Polishes used:
Bride of Franken-Stein, a franken made by me! ***
Duri - Rejuvacote (base coat)
acrylic paint in light red, dark red, yellow, ochre, sap green, and dark brown
tiny detail brush

I'm finally all caught up on the ABC Challenge! Now I get to do whatever I want this week, woohoo! I'm thinking of getting a head start on prepping for next month's Digit-al Dozen week, and I've got a few other ideas kicking around that might be fun. I'm looking forward to it! Just as soon as I can will myself to take this polish off....



*** While the polishes I used were all mine and purchased separately, some of the suspension base I used and all of the loose glitter I used came from Girly Bits' franken starter kit. They've also recently introduced a deluxe franken starter kit that comes with more glitter samples and three pre-coloured bases, which is pretty awesome!


  1. Wow! Those.. apples... *speechless

  2. Hee hee! Thanks, Victoria! <3