Sunday, 29 September 2013

Digit-al Dozen News, and a Second Liebster!

Hello again lovelies! I have two important things I wanted to talk to you about!


Many people have asked me what the Digit-al Dozen is all about, now that I've been invited to join this illustrious group. Until now, I've at most been able to list the members for you. However, we're now working on a very exciting project: establishing a real digital presence for the group! This means that there is a central place to catch round-up posts of the month's challenge, as well as tons of original content-- how to's, tips and tricks, and much more! Please click the banner below to visit our website and follow us, we'd love to have you along. :)


Lovely Victoria has nominated me for a second Liebster Award! Am I lucky, or what? Per my last Liebster post, I don't really know of any up-and-coming blogs, so I could use your help-- if you know of any, let me know in the comments! Here is a link to her lovely nail blog:

In the meantime, here are her questions for me, plus (another) 11 random facts about me! I think you guys will know me better than I know myself, by the end of this. ;)


1. Who or what drowned you in nail blogging? I received a book from my family for Christmas one year when I was very young, it had a bunch of nail art designs to be done with a toothpick. I've been more or less hooked ever since.

2. If you had to choose between neon or pastel to be used for the whole year, what will you choose? Neon. I'm not much one for pastels. I'm about the jewel tones, and then secondarily about the neons.

3. What's your most used nail art technique? Freehand painting; it's the one thing I'm remotely good at! Taping and water marbling and everything else just make me want to throw things about. ;)

4. What was the very first nail polish you bought? I cannot remember, it's been WAY too long! But the first indie polish I ever bought was Gilded Oak by Contrary Polish. I think it was an excellent decision.

5. If you were prohibited to buy more nail polishes and only have one last chance to buy one bottle of nail polish (I know it's hard but yes, just one!), what would it be? I actually don't have any lemmings right now-- isn't that funny? I'm not really hurting for any one polish. It'd probably be an Elevation Polish, though, because I love everything Lulu does.

6. Big city with tall buildings and high-tech life, or small village with farms and green forest? (And both of them have same nail art stores and internet connection LOL) This is really tough for me. Probably the big city, though, because that's what I came from (Montréal). I love smaller towns and nature, though. I love visiting Penticton, British Columbia, which is a city you can walk across in 45 minutes. It's in the middle of wine country, and it's so hot and beautiful.

7. What's your I-can't-resist-even-when-I'm-full food or snack? Chocolate. Preferably mint chocolate.

8. If you had a time machine to travel to the past and future, what year would you like to be in? I wouldn't travel at all. Too much physics involved. I have a healthy fear of mucking around with the world.

9. A movie or series? Neither! I have an overactive empathy reaction, so I respond to movies and TV shows as though they were really happening. As I type this, I'm sitting in the living room with my headphones on, listening to Ellie Goulding really loudly so as to drown out my partner watching the Breaking Bad finale. I just can't do it!

10. If you could have one superpower, what would you choose? The ability to heal.

11. If you're an ice cream, what kind of ice cream are you? Sorbet! Coconut sorbet.

Random Facts:

1. I have freckles, but they only show up when I've been in a lot of sunlight. I miss them during the winter.

2. I'm mama to a cat named Jacob, who you've seen sometimes on the blog or on Instagram. My favourite thing he does is to purr when I nibble his toes.

3. I'm a serial monogamist. I can't be single to save my life.

4. My favourite artistic medium is soft pastels. I cannot paint to save my life, either.

5. I have a major flirtation with kpop girl groups; my favourite right now is D-Unit. I know how to read hangul (well, extremely slowly and poorly) and I've often considered teaching English in Korea.

6. I have a small but noticeable white scar on my ribcage and I have no idea how it got there. In general, I have a lot of scars.

7. I can listen to the same song over and over without getting sick of it. I get songs stuck in my head, but only for a short while, and sometimes the weirdest ones stick around the longest (like Christmas carols).

8. I'm afraid of conflict. I'll sometimes post my opinion to a Facebook conversation thread and then never visit the thread again, in case someone decided to rip me a new one for it. Heh.

9. I am profoundly silly but most people don't see it. Only my partner and my closest friends get to see the true depth of it.

10. I'm the oldest of two siblings; my brother is 2.5 years my junior.

11. I moved out of house when I was 19, which is pretty young, but a lot older than my mother, who was 16 when she moved out! (Runs in the family, I guess!)

As always, thanks so much for reading and keeping my company on this crazy journey! I really appreciate each and every one of you. You brighten my world more than you know.




  1. Thank you again so much for nominating me, Victoria! I really liked your questions! :) I'm glad you liked my answers, too!

  2. Thank you sweetheart! <3

  3. I could seriously rock out to the same song over and over as I drive around in the car... it's almost silly! It's a good thing I do it when I don't have any passengers!