Friday, 6 September 2013


Nothing to Disclose

Hello my lovelies!


You didn't guess. I can tell.


This is my 100th post! I have survived 100 posts! You have survived 100 of my posts! We should drink to this. I'll go get us some wine. I hope you like sauvignon blanc, because I hate champagne.


Much better. Okay, onto business! I've gotta catch up on my Follow the Devil ABC Challenge prompts, I've been away for a whole three weekends! First up: B, for bubbles.

I cannot lie, I sort of hate these. I mean, the base polish is two beautiful, amazing coats of Teal Another Tail, the polish with which I'm convinced KBShimmer is going to take over the world. Words alone cannot express this polish. If you are in the States, hie thee to the KBShimmer store. If you are in the rest of the world, stalk Harlow & Co for the next restock. You need this in your life.

But then I failed at making nice bubbles (like, I kind of just can't do them??), and stuck some pearls on it for good measure. So now it's gaudy and weird. The little seashell, though, I really like. I got it from The Nail Room, which stocks a small assortment of Japanese nail art supplies right now-- I'm hoping their stock will keep growing, because I will not hide my lusting after some of the creations of Japanese nail artists like @hana4 and @oshimanails (who runs The Nail Room) and @nailsalonavarice. It's so hard to find their dainty supplies, though, and I don't speak Japanese... so yeah... hurrah for The Nail Room!

The pearls are kind of driving me nuts. I'm touching them now and their roundness is getting to me.

Zoom the above picture, you must, just bask in the glass fleck beauty of this polish, just do it!

Polishes used:
Duri - Rejuvacote (base coat)
white acrylic paint
pearls from Born Pretty Store
nail glue

Colour blocking for you tomorrow, denim for you on Sunday, and I should be all caught up! Hooray!


I have been invited to join The Digit-al Dozen! You'll notice I've put a page up at the top of my blog; it leads to a listing of all the other talented ladies who form part of this beautiful, charming group. Go check out their work, would ya? And I'll have themed nails for you starting October 14th! :D 



PS: I'm still a mucus machine, in case you were at all curious.


  1. Oooh this is so pretty! You impressed me as always :D

  2. Thank you, Victoria!! :)

  3. Yay for the 100 posts! Congrats lady! I really hope you stick around for 100 x 100 more! Oh, and your bubbles are kick-ass!

  4. Thanks so much, my darling!! <3 I hope to be around for a while, too! Thank you for reading!