Thursday, 12 September 2013

Elegant Rose

Nothing to Disclose

 Hello lovelies!

Today's manicure took a smidge longer than usual-- not because of the design, but because I was a bit loath to paint over the base colour!

This is what I came up with for the E prompt of my collaborative Follow the Devil ABC Challenge: elegant! I think roses are pretty elegant? Don't most people think that? They do, right? Anyway.

Base colour is two beautiful, no-clean-up-required coats of Let's Get Dirty, a super-sophisticated greyed out lavender (or lavendered-out grey, depending on how you see these things) with pinky beige tones. Kind of hard to describe! I love the wax finish it dries to, but I wanted to speed up the process (and seal my art), hence the glossy top coat.

The whole design was done with watered-down white acrylic paint and my detail brush.

I kind of think this would make a neat bridal look (and it could be tweaked to match the bouquet!), don't you?

Polishes used:
Duri - Rejuvacote (base coat)
white acrylic paint
detail brush

Next prompt is F for food, and I have no bloody clue what I'm going to do about that one. Help?!

And, in passing, I should mention that I'm sending happy vibes to all those who might be starting school against these past few weeks. September is always hard, but you'll make it through!




  1. my god i love this! your leaves are perfection! lets get dirty is pretty great, i agree.

  2. Thank you so much! I could draw little leaves all day; not very imaginative, but fun!

  3. Wow, so delicate! I wish I could do that much with my nail art brushes :(
    And speaking of food, sushi always comes to my mind :p Haha

  4. This is very elegant, I agree! Wonderful design!

  5. Thank you, sweetie! I trimmed down my nail art brush to get teeny lines. Just use cuticle nippers and take off a few at a time from all different sides!

    I thought of sushi too, but I think doing the detail of the rice would drive me bananas. Which is too bad, because I have a polish called Koi Pondering (by Scofflaw) and it'd be super-hilarious to put sushi on top of it!

  6. Thank you so much, Anastasia!! <3

  7. Duh why I didn't think about trimming my nail art brush! Thanks!
    LOL yeah rice! Haha.. I can't even imagine the yummy sushi on top of that blue glitter polish :p Seems like floating sushi!! Lol
    Well, good luck :D