Thursday, 25 April 2013

Beachy Watermarble (Learning Curve Ahoy!)

Hello lovelies!

Today I tried my hand at watermarbling. I did exactly four fingers and then threw in the towel. People who can watermarble with ease are astounding and awe-inspiring and I am definitely not among them. I'd prefer to paint little Yodas and go cross-eyed. Doing this made me want to build a time machine just so I could go a couple of hours into the past and tell myself not to do this.

For this, I used a combination of Godiva and an acrylic wash of Van Dyke brown to get sort of a sparkly wet sand look. I then covered up all that work with my ineffectual watermarbling.

So it goes! This technique takes a lot of practice (the YouTube gurus make it look so eeeaaasssyyy ;___;) so I'm trying not to lose hope altogether.

And a detail shot to show you the abysmal little bubbles I had everywhere, the terrible clean-up job I did, and the delightful sparkly sand!

Polishes used:
Zoya - Godiva
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear - White On, Pacific Blue, Mellow Yellow
INM - Out the Door (= the clear stripes)
Dior - Gel Coat (top coat)
acrylic paint in Van Dyke brown + wash brush (#4)
usual watermarbling accoutrements

Going for something simpler for my next look, and I have a Swatch Saturday for you tomorrow (and it's GORGEOUS, you'll see)!



  1. I still think this is awesomely amazing for a first attempt. Mine didn't

  2. Hehe. My other hand was my practice hand, and it was a suitably hopeless mess! This is such an insane technique...

  3. I think this came out really well! I'm too scared to try it :)

  4. Thank you, Erin! It definitely takes practice, but once you begin to get the hang of it, it starts getting much easier!