Tuesday, 9 April 2013

TOESDAY #2: Zoya Charisma

Guys, Charisma is so bright. It's so bright it broke my camera's little image-processor brain. This is what Zoya's website depicts:

That is accurate in terms of shade, but not in terms of brightness. Charisma is NEON FUCHSIA. It dries matte, like all neons do, and it's got a somewhat anti-self-levelling formula, as even the best neons do. It's a neon. It's my one and only neon. I really, really love it.

Here are some photos that do not depict colour accurately (again, see above for the colour). The over-saturated photos do, however, get a good sense of the neon awesomeness of this polish.

The following photo makes Charisma look raspberry-coloured. It is not. But I wanted to show off a bit more of my psychedelic absurd amazing Black Milk leggings. They have the same tone of fuchsia in them, and again, my camera couldn't capture it. But click on the photo to see the leggings in action, it'll give you a good idea!

Polishes used:
CND - Stickey (base coat)
Zoya - Charisma
INM - Out the Door (top coat -- very important step, not nearly as bright without it)

Until the next time I show you my feet and possibly freak you out,


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