Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Waistcoat Wednesday!

Hello lovelies!

I have a friend, Laurent, who wears a waistcoat to work every Wednesday. They are what he has christened Waistcoat Wednesdays. I appreciate the concept (I'm a Fancy Friday kind of gal), and I came across these little bows in an Essence nail art kit, so I thought I'd give the idea a whirl. :)

I did this by first painting a base of Grey-t to Be Here (I may be obsessed!), followed by the little heads in Fashion Safari. The white is all acrylic paint, as white nail polish got too gloopy. The vests are Vertigo (accent Grey-t to Be Here), Nero (accent JS03), Big Smoke, and Dominate (accent Temperance). I mattified everything before affixing the little bow ties.

The index is my favourite. :) I like the brown plaid + green.

On my thumb, I painted two lovely coats of Builder's Tea, which went on fantastically and is so beautiful I couldn't ever capture it on camera properly, but here is a close up just in case:

Polishes used:
Essence - Grey-t to Be Here
NYColor - Fashion Safari
Revlon Brilliant Strength - Dominate
Elevation Polish - Temperance (limited edition, get it now before it's gone!)
butter LONDON - Big Smoke
GOSH - Nero
Nfu Oh - JS03
Chanel - Vertigo
Essie - Matte About You
black & white acrylic paint
tiny bows from a random Essence nail art kit

I love dressing in full business wear on occasion, it brings out my androgynous side for sure. :) You? Worth it or too much hassle?




    This is simply delightful, and next time you wander back to Montreal, I would love for you to do this for me before a Waistcoat Wednesday.

  2. this is the cutest thing ever!