Thursday, 21 March 2013

Magnolia Blossoms Nail Art

I've been seeing a lot of cherry blossoms in nail art nowadays-- a very classic springtime motif!-- and I wanted to take a shot at one-stroke flower painting. So I put two and two together and opted for magnolias, which are among my favourite flowers (the list is very short; it also includes chrysanthemums and tulips).

I am, incidentally, TERRIBLE at one-stroke flowers. I will need very much more practice. So I ended up going over my flowers with my detail brush rather heavily, and they don't resemble the technique at all anymore. One-stroke is haaaaard.

That being said, the overall effect of these isn't terrible. For my first time doing florals, I suppose I should be happy. :P I will keep working on it until I get to where I want to be. Unless I give up first, which is a distinct possibility. So many shiny things to try!


I started with a base of Fiver, which is a strange polish, not like most of the butter LONDON's I've used before. It didn't self-level very well (or, well, at all). So, it's one of those polishes with which you either have to do two very thick coats, and hope for the best, or else do three very thin coats with plenty of waiting time in-between. It is a lovely colour, though, and I shouldn't complain about the formula too much, pastels like this can be such a chalky nightmare.


Polishes / supplies used:
butter LONDON - Fiver
Poshé (top coat)
PVA glue (peel-off base coat)
acrylic paints
one-stroke nail art brush
detail nail art brush

I received nail mail today! Some of the Jelly Syrups I've been waiting for finally arrived (almost 3 weeks later), and I already know what I'll first be doing with them. Probably for my next post. :)



  1. So cute!! I wish I could do freehand designs but I am very sloppy... haha.

    Check out my blog :)

    xo Maddy

    1. Thanks! :) I did, and I love your polishes! Next nail mail order I submit will be for some neons! :)

  2. Well done. I really like these. You should keep them till the snow goes away.

    1. Already off. ;) But these ones were on a peel-off base, so I've glued them into a little notebook. A notebook which shall, with time, become really creepy to anybody who doesn't know what's going on.

  3. These are so pretty! The colours you chose are just perfect.

    1. Thank you, Kirstie! Fiver was really calling to me for this one, such a pretty shade. :)