Tuesday, 5 March 2013

FOIL MANI OF DOOM: What Happens When You Use Craft Supplies For Nail Art

Were I Taylor Swift, I'd be furiously scribbling away right now. This manicure and I are never, ever, EVER EVER getting back together. It's awful and I hate it.

I also took these photos outside in -10˚ weather, because I love you, you know.

I'm trying something with these subtler watermarks. I initially thought huge, tacky watermarks would deter stealing, but then came to the conclusion that nobody is likely jonesing to steal these, so I may as well play it classy.

Oh, foil mani, I so wanted to love you.

I found this awesome variegated foil at the neighbourhood art store and thought to myself, "Hey, Ciaté has some fancy set out with stuff like this, I bet this works just as well!" If it does in fact work just as well as this, I'm not clear on why anybody would ever buy/use it.

This is as close to a macro as I'm willing to go, and it makes me cringe.

I started with a coat of Poshé base coat (I tried nail glue over base coat first and it was a hot mess), then waited for it to be semi-dry and swiftly pressed a little square of foil into my nail, smoothing it as best I could with a couple of fingers, trying to get into the corners, etc. Didn't work. Jagged edges, breaks, holes, the whole shabang. Once I got it to a state that was at least half-decent, I gave it a light coat of CND Super Shiney top coat to seal it. Then, once dry, to cover up the awful edges, I did a box frame with black polish (should have used acrylics, my GOSH Nero is in full thickening rebellion) and my one-stroke brush. Because of the crinkly texture of the foil, it was impossible to get a smooth line, so you ain't getting a true macro of this one, sorry bub.

All in all, this took forever, I only did one hand, and I spent most of my time going cross-eyed. I think it looks pretty neat for what it is, but will leave this to more talented folks than I.

I like that my watermark is basically invisible. I think that's called defeating the purpose.

Polishes/supplies used:
Poshé quick-dry top coat
Speedball Simple Leaf metal foil in Variegated
CND Super Shiney top coat
One-stroke brush (squared-off)
Buttload of patience

Think I'm going to go for something simple next, and will be ambitious again nearing the end of the week...


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