Saturday, 2 November 2013

SNAPSHOTS: Hallowe'en and Movember

Nothing to Disclose

Hello lovelies! You know what the worst thing is? Moving house. It is actually the worst thing. It is an all-engulfing maw into which my past week disappeared entirely. I actually don't even remember most of it. I have nubbins to show for it, though. Moving also destroyed my nails and cuticles-- ick.

But I made it through! And I have two manis to show you quick quick.

First up is my Hallowe'en mani. I apologize for the image quality; I used my iPad to take the photo in less-than-ideal light. I used white and black acrylic paint on a base of the franken I'd made a while ago. I happen to think my little Jolly Rogers are quite cute!

Second up is my Movember mani! I started with a patchwork base of Magia, Cosmic Fate, Eternal Beauty, and Kismet. The holo is evident in direct light and throws wonderful rainbows! I then used white and brown acrylic paint for the different moustaches. The middle finger is dedicated to Cmd. Hadfield. ;)

Polishes used:
Franken I'd made a while ago...
Color Club - Cosmic Fate, Eternal Beauty, Kismet
Jade - Magia
Duri - Rejuvacote (base coat)
la couleur couture - 2013 (top coat) (note: putting top coat on these holos doesn't kill the rainbow effect!)

Back atcha lovelies with more nail art soon! I have an idea for an autumnal mani (I say, as I look outside and everything is blanketed in snow...), plus it's Digit-al Dozen week next week! Hang tight, I promise to be more present! :)




  1. i love your little skullies, and you know i LOVE your little mustachios, too!

  2. moustachiooooooooo

    Thanks babe!

  3. I HATE MOVING! It is absolutely my least favourite thing to do. I'd rather give a cat a bath than pack. But your nails (and cuticles) look great, having survived a move!

  4. I now agree! I used to like moving (gives me a reason to 'destash' but in a whole life sense instead of a polish sense), but I'd only ever moved up to a 1-bedroom apartment. The sheer amount of STUFF my boyfriend accumulated in his house was/is staggering. Never again!

    And I'm glad you think my nails are looking good, I think they're probably not bad all things considered. ;)