Friday, 8 November 2013

Megamendung Mani

Nothing to Disclose

Hello lovelies! Told ya I'd be back today. ;)

After the strenuousness of the last mani, I thought it'd be nice to do something more relaxed. So we have clouds à la Indonesian batik. Rainclouds, specifically -- or, in their native language, the megamendung motif.

These were easy to achieve. Paint on broad bands of watered-down acrylic paint, then line the outsides with a liner brush in full-opacity paint. In an ideal world, this print would be perfect one-stroke practice. But I cannot one-stroke to save my life.

I've included the below photo of my left thumb under direct light so that you can see the holographic shards in Dream, the base polish, sort of in action (it's very cloudy here today, no chance of sunlight):

Polishes used:
Zoya - Dream
butter LONDON - Nail Foundation (base coat)
white acrylic paint
flat brush
liner brush

I've actually put in an order for special one-stroke brushes and acrylics from France, which I will talk more of when they arrive in a couple of weeks. It's a technique I really want to master, and the only way to do that is to practice! ;) Until I want to bang my head against things! ;) ;) Yeah!




  1. You know what, I'm Indonesian. And you know what, I really LOVE this!!

    I created mega mendung nails once but I really love yours! So simple and pretty :D May I leave a link to my mega mendung nails? No? Well, it's on my blog if you have time to stop by some day. I'm just really excited to share my mega mendung nails with you *feel proud of batik* :D

  2. The response from the Indonesian nail community has been overwhelming! I'm really so happy that so many have opened their hearts to my little nail design! And YES, please do leave me a link to see your mani, I would love that! (I'm not against leaving links in comments if they're related to the post!)

  3. No wonder, dear! :D
    Aaaawawaw here's my link Ooooh I'm so excited to hear your response!! (Y'know, you're my IDOL!)

  4. Vic, I love these!! You chose beautiful subtle colours, and I like how the cloud does line up, but it's separated by your gorgeous accent nail. I really think you did a superb job. Makes me want to try these again sometime soon! ;)

  5. you definitely fooled me - i thought it WAS one stroked! looks fabbo!!

  6. Kyaaaaa high praise! Supersuperglad you love them, Jolène!! Thanks :D
    And yess I also really want to try this pattern again soon :D

  7. Whaaa! I wish!! ONE DAY. Thanks sweet pea!

  8. Beautiful motif! And quite a relaxing one, too!
    And what to say of that gorgeous Zoya Dream? Wow!

  9. Dream IS gorgeous. Totally oooooh. Thank you!