Friday, 6 December 2013

Between Two Fir Trees

Nothing to Disclose

Hello lovelies! How are you doing today? It's -40˚ here (which is the same in Celsius AND Fahrenheit -- did you know that?) with the wind chill, so I'm hiding out inside by the fireplace and not moving if I can at all help it. ;)

Today's mani was a bit of a saga. It started chipping almost right away, which has nothing to do with the base polish -- Between Two Fir Trees, a stunning nude-pink base with speckled green and gold metallic and holo hex micro/mini glitter -- and everything to do with the layer of Glitter A-Peel I used. Something about that base and my nails are no longer getting along, it's like trying to stick two magnets of the same polarity together...

Anyway! Between Two Fir Trees went on amazingly well, especially given its pale base; two medium coats was all I needed for opacity. It isn't very rough, but you'll probably want two coats of top coat for better smoothness. I then used the name of the polish kind of literally and used acrylic paints for the fir trees, the snow, and the black cable between the trees. The little lightbulbs are done with nail polish.

I'm actually really digging this one. It wasn't super laborious to do, but it's nonetheless very cute. It helps that I had such awesome inspiration! I ordered four Cadillacquers altogether and this made me very excited to use the other ones...

Polishes used:
Nina Ultra Pro - Punki Pink, Orange Flame, Solar Flare, Lime Light
acrylic paints
detail brush
long striping brush

Are there any seasonal designs you'd like to see me take on? I have one ABC Challenge prompt for this weekend (P for Puzzle), and then next week is Digital Dozen week again (yay!), but I'm totally curious as to what kinds of things you'd like to see throughout December. I'm a bit of a Grinch if I'm being totally honest, and don't much celebrate Christmas, so sometimes these things are not obvious to me...




  1. this is so beautiful, I don't even have words! <3

  2. This is adorable! But -40 is NOT....stay in!!!

  3. This is so beautiful! It makes me fell that holidays are coming!))

  4. Oh this is lovely! Between two fir trees is really unique and beautiful :)

  5. Thank you so much darling!

  6. Haha, I live in Alberta, Canada! For a while there last week, a small town in our province was actually the coldest place on the planet! I'm glad you like the mani, it means a lot. xo

  7. I did stay in! I've been staying in quite a bit this week. This is about as cold as it gets here, I try to console myself by saying that it can't possibly get any worse...

  8. Thank you so much Anastasia!

  9. Isn't it? I knew as soon as I saw it that I had to have it. :) And thank you!!