Sunday, 11 August 2013

Simple Aquatic + a Guest Post!

Nothing to Disclose

Hello lovelies!

So, I survived part of the Skyline Trail. 36km worth of trudging around with beautiful views. I pinched something in my right hip and my feet have a collective 6 huge blisters, so the last major ascent/scree was not going to happen. I need to work out more before tackling 12 hours' worth of hiking!

But I do have nails for you today!

I'm doing an ABC challenge with my buddy @thedevilwearspolish on Instagram. We're calling it the Follow the Devil ABC Challenge and doing one prompt a week. This week: aquatic! I decided to keep it simple.

I started with two coats of Lavender Cloud, followed by Skylar for the water. I then went over Skylar in some places with Arctic Sunrise, Aqueous, and Love Letter to Kurt Vonnegut. Little shine details in Tempest, topcoat, and done!

Zoom in on this one for all the shimmery awesomeness of the polishes I used:

And I have a surprise for you! I did a guest post over at Gnarly Gnails, run by the inimitable Missy! I love Missy to death, she's the sweetest and has always been so encouraging in my blogging endeavours. One thing I've always appreciated about her swatches is that they show you exactly what you need to know about a polish. They're professional and sharp-looking, but they do not sugar-coat how a polish actually behaves. It's really refreshing! And did I mention she's sweet? Click this teaser image to go see my post, and give her blog some love!

Polishes used:
Sally Hansen - Lavender Cloud
Zoya - Skylar
Tryst Lacquers - Aqueous (custom)
Scofflaw Nail Varnish - Love Letter to Kurt Vonnegut (limited edition)
Duri - Rejuvacote (base coat)

I'm working on another surprise! I will have that for you on Wednesday sometime. I may even be able to get something up either tomorrow or Tuesday, fingers crossed!




  1. Gorgeous! As always! They look very eye-catching!! And your guest mani is wonderful too!!!!

  2. Both your post and your guest post manis are sooo stunning! Really really love them!!

  3. Thank you so much, darling! <3

  4. Thank you dear! :) You know, one day you'll have to tell me what kind of mani you'd like to see me do, that would make me very happy!

  5. You are amazing!! I love your work!

  6. The waves!! So awesome!
    And you are so sweet! <3

  7. Ohh! That would be an honor for me!))

  8. Thank you so much! That means a lot to me. :D :D

  9. Pah, takes one to know one! <3