Friday, 21 June 2013


Nothing to Disclose

Good evening, lovelies! Another Tryst Lacquers custom polish for you today: Aqueous.

To show this beauty off, I decided on another skittlette. (I'm planning on something more oomph-ish for tomorrow, thus inverting the posting order I have established. Yay?)

All fingers started with a base of 4 coats of Aqueous. This sounds like a lot, but it went on very smooth and thin-- it's a true jelly, to let all the shimmer types through. If many layers annoy you, putting it on top of something like OPI's Ski Teal We Drop would be an excellent alternative. It leans a bit more green than the photos are showing, making it a perfect deep teal. My middle and ring fingers have a simple water marble done with White On and Nail Envy, and my pinkie has two coats of Trash Glam (because it is Quo by Orly, it is as far as I can tell a dead-on dupe for Orly's Sparkling Garbage, but maybe a bit denser glitter-wise). I focussed the above photo on my index so that the blurred out pinkie could hint at the holo goodness of Trash Glam. It's a party in a bottle, that one.

The above helps to show you the complexity of the base polish, but I wasn't satisfied. Oh no. Kimberly took my vision for a water polish and knocked it straight out of the park, so I decided that the world needed MACROS. Here's Aqueous in lightbox compact fluorescent lighting (this one is pretty well colour accurate) and indirect natural lighting:

If you aren't ready to pounce, you may have a fever-- please consult a doctor. But in all seriousness, like with all of my custom Tryst creations, I've allowed Kimberly to sell this baby to anybody who wants it, so if you're drooling, fire her off a note!

Polishes used:
Tryst Lacquers - Aqueous (custom)
OPI - Nail Envy (clear, for water marbling)
Sally Hansen - White On
Quo by Orly - Trash Glam
Duri - Rejuvacote (base coat)

Until tomorrow, my lovelies!



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