Saturday, 23 February 2013

Harlow & Co. Valentine's Day 2013 Contest Entry

A great many moons ago (ok, I suppose a month ago), Harlow & Co held a Valentine's Day nail art contest via their FB page. I decided to enter and came up with the below:

ow ow owwww
This is an extremely uncomfortable hand position, just in case that wasn't obvious.

More after the break!

still with the ow ow owww
And a close-up. I love that you can see the discomfort in my poor knuckles.
(It occurs to me that I should mention that I'm an incorrigible cuticle-biter. It's the worst. Part of this enterprise is to convince me to stop by having to show my shameful fingertips to the Internets.)

My first nail art design since I was a child! It took bloody forever... I think a few hours spread over two evenings, all using a 00 brush and a patiently resigned attitude. The array of polishes I used was bonkers, and it's been a while, but here's what I can remember:

Girly Bits: Shift Happens, Hot Toddy
Rescue Beauty Lounge: Recycle
Nubar: Stardust
American Apparel: Crescent Heights, Pink Ladies
Nails Inc.: St. James Street
Ozotic: 915
piCture pOlish: Atomic (it's the background, lovely colour)
Layla: Softouch red (Fire It Up?)
butter LONDON: Blowing Raspberries
Zoya: Shawn

Frankly, I was just chuffed that I finished the damn thing. My left hand was only Atomic, with a heart on the accent finger in Hot Toddy, because at that point I was probably shaking and wheezing.

Let me know if you also participated in this contest, or in any other VDay contests! I don't actually celebrate the day at all (my boyfriend printed me a Grumpy Cat card that reads "Everybody sucks. You just happen to suck a little bit less," and I promised to abstain from punching him in the arm for the day), but it's a good excuse to think up nail art designs.



  1. This is beautiful! You are so talented!

    1. Aw, thank you! I think my dumb perfectionism works well on a smaller scale like this. (There is only so much fussing you can do with such a small surface area!) xo